the feel good revolution.
hi, i'm no one important.
call me kelscullen for short.

that was an approximate rhyme.

I have lots of random thoughts to projectile-post all over the Internet. So please... sit down, have a glass of wine and attempt to follow my pattern of thinking.
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Final Verdict: Miley Cyrus & the VMAs

She’s pretty brilliant, you guys.

*drops microphone and walks away*

I’m not a fan or anything, but EVERYONE is talking about her! I can dig those PR skills. This is gonna pay off for Miley in a HUGE way.


It’s okay, I’ll just continue playing this kickass playlist on repeat and avoiding responsibilities until whenever.

It’s a real problem that the closest Beyonce show in the Mrs. Carter Show is seven hours away from where I live.

Peachy: How To Get and Keep Bright Red Hair!


Essentially, this post is going to be allll about how I get my hair red and keep it red. My hair currently looks like this:


My hair’s been red for about the last two years, and with a LOT of trial and error, I have been able to figure it out the perfect little method to upkeep this crazy…

An Invitation on Facebook Appears!

Oh, no. Oh, no. It’s here.

The 5-year high school reunion.

Not that I’m *not* looking forward to hanging with people I haven’t seen in a bajillion years, because I totally am. It’s going to be super getting awesomely crunk all together on the islands and reminiscing about a past life and comparing current lives. I’m told that this is the most fun HS reunion of all to attend.

…except that I’m completely embarrassed about my weight gain over the past 5-8 years and I’m about to go all Romy & Michelle on this sitch.

I mean, LOOKATTHIS. I would wear this stuff in public and I’d be psyched about it. I was so much cooler then -__-