the feel good revolution.
hi, i'm no one important.
call me kelscullen for short.

that was an approximate rhyme.

I have lots of random thoughts to projectile-post all over the Internet. So please... sit down, have a glass of wine and attempt to follow my pattern of thinking.
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LBJ Returning to CLE?! Top 10 Reasons I’m Fine with It

10. The value of my LeBron James keepsakes (ie: retro gold 23 jersey, Witness shirt) has increased by a massive percentage. Someone tried to buy the retro jersey off me for $40 in 2003, so who knows what that’s worth more than a decade later. #futuremillionaire

9. City-wide celebrations like the one at Around the Corner tonight. 23-cent beers from 7p-9p for those donning CLE gear.

8. The frenzied hope Clevelanders are feeling right now will probably lead to countless decisions, some good and some bad. I’ve applied to probably 20 jobs TODAY because I know everyone is in an awesome mood.

7. His first-person essay in Sports Illustrated was eloquent, emotional and memorable. Hooray for print not being dead! (although news technically broke online) I *will* be buying a copy.

6. His attitude seems much more mature in general. That line in the middle of his essay: “I’m not having a press conference or a party. After this, it’s time to get to work.” — RIGHT IN THE FEELINGS, LBJ :’)

5. The fact that Miami will suck. Those fans are just the WORST, amirite? They barely showed up when The Heat was good, who knows what will happen to attendance if they can’t pull together a good team!

4. A championship is in our near future. Maybe not 2014, but Cleveland is SO ready.

3. Clevelanders are speculating that local charities will thrive with donations contributed by James and his followers. Hooray for non-profits!

2. The Cleveland brand will be more than just the home of the Rock Hall (which is easily my favorite museum ever). I can’t wait for the rest of the world to find out how awesome we are! This greatly increases the chances of folks flocking to CLE to live/work/play, which leads me to my final point…

1. Cleveland’s economy is going to shoot through the roof. Studies show that cities with winning sports teams are higher in population, which leads to more money to spread around (due to Cleveland’s DMA ranking increasing and media buys flowing in faster than the Cuyahoga. Advertising FTW). With LBJ back on the team alongside Thompson, Varejao and Irving, the Cavs (and, therefore, Cleveland) may actually have a fighting chance.

… but if Cedar Point renames The Magnum, Millennium or any other classic coaster after him, I will LOSE IT. 

Final Verdict: Miley Cyrus & the VMAs

She’s pretty brilliant, you guys.

*drops microphone and walks away*

I’m not a fan or anything, but EVERYONE is talking about her! I can dig those PR skills. This is gonna pay off for Miley in a HUGE way.


It’s okay, I’ll just continue playing this kickass playlist on repeat and avoiding responsibilities until whenever.

It’s a real problem that the closest Beyonce show in the Mrs. Carter Show is seven hours away from where I live.

Peachy: How To Get and Keep Bright Red Hair!


Essentially, this post is going to be allll about how I get my hair red and keep it red. My hair currently looks like this:


My hair’s been red for about the last two years, and with a LOT of trial and error, I have been able to figure it out the perfect little method to upkeep this crazy…